Queer and Trans

Yes, I'm Queer (and so is my boyfriend)


Simple, special, to the point, but very good! Super unique! So much fun--you can write what you think in the zine.


How I Learned To Love Myself and Occasionally Other Men


Easy-to-read account of discovering sexuality.


Nice account of realizing and admitting to himself and others that he's gay.


Dancing With Myself: the trans ally issue


Wow...trans or not, this is an amazing zine. Great for anyone confused about gender terms, the gender binary, or anyone who knows people who have no idea how to be a good ally. Great to make friends/parents understand. A must-read!!


What Comes Naturally


I really like this short book/long zine. It's really funny and interesting. Not "informative" but entertaining. About a girl finding her sexuality and exploring the queer scene in Norway.


Lesbian Moments


Really lovely and sweet. My favorite is "My First Lesbian." Good 10-lists too.




Really funny!


Timtum Picnic


A wonderful personal zine about one person's struggles with Jewish and transgender identities.