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Welcome to the Papercut Zine Review Wiki!


Here at Papercut, we think that zines can be a powerful way of starting conversations between readers, creators, and the communities in which they live. Dan Brown is never going to care whether or not you personally liked The Da Vinci Code, but individual readers can help to make a zine they love more visible by talking it up--or shape the way that another zine evolves through constructive criticism. That's why we've started this "wiki," or collaborative website, as a place where people can share their thoughts about some of the zines they've encountered at Papercut.


If you want to write a 3000-word review of a zine you've read, complete with footnotes and bibliography, then knock yourself out. If you just want to say something like "pretty cool, made me laugh," then that's also great. We just ask that you avoid negative or hurtful comments like "this zine blows." If you think one of our zines blows, then we want to know that, but try to give some specific reasons why you disliked it. Avoid personal attacks like "this person has no creativity."


Other basic house rules:


  • Please don't delete anything that other people have written; just continue the conversation below the last entry.


  • Try to focus on zines that we have in our collection here at Papercut. If you have the only surviving copy of some old-school anarcho-feminist zine from Outer Mongolia, then awesome for you. But unless you want to donate it to the library, there's probably no reason to review it.


  • Be kind and be funny and let us know how independent publishing has made a difference in your life!

Getting Started


To get started, click on one of the categories in the sidebar on the right. You can browse the reviews that other people have already written, or add your own. Click "Edit Page" on the toolbar at the top, and then enter the super-secret password: lovenotwar. Type in your own review, and then click "Save" to make sure that other people can see what you've written.


You can always click "Home" on the toolbar at the top if you want to get back to this page.

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