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Food and Cookbooks

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A Pirate's Cookbook

Pretty good. I tried some of the "beverage" recipes. Nice combo of songs/stories and recipes. If you don't have rum, or don't like rum, this zine might not be for you.


Zen and the Art of Brownie Baking

Very good. I love brownies and baking, so if you're like me at all this'll be a good read. (Mmmm...)


Sweet Alternatives

Really good zine about making sweet things without sugar & honey. Also has some conversions of sweet things and sugar & honey, and gelatin and gelatin replacements.


Unbound Books Vegan Cookzine #2

Wow!! Delicious, amazing, great music choices! Really good recipe for rice!


Please Don't Feed the Bears! A Vegan Cookzine

Great recipes with good insights and thoughts about the nature of prejudice, government, existence, dreams, music, etc. Seems like a thoughtful, insightful person, with a real knack for putting ordinary foods together to make them taste great. I made the vegan cheese dip and it came out really good. Looking forward to trying some of the others.

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