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The breast hangs with the crowd


So funny and charming. If you like breasts, this is a good zine to read. Doesn't contain too much info, but it's the thought that counts.


Class & Feminism


Working class feminists from the 70s talk about how classes relate to the feminist movement. Really good!


Rocket Queen #2


Amazing! Really smart and nuanced feminist description and analysis of personal experience and history/politics of sex work in New Orleans, especially dancing at strip clubs. Useful guide to all the clubs for folks considering working there. Favorite part: an alternative history of N.O. and sex work's history in the city. Really good!


I agree! Really good/informative/interesting!


Finster #3


Really good! This issue is devoted to issues surrounding violence against women, especially rape and body standards (weight loss).


Free To Fight: An Interactive Self-Defense Project


Awesome, good advice, stories and cool comics.

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