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Environment and Animals

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Feral Forager


One of my personal faves in the library! Really cool, well-informed and really teaches a lot. Makes me want to skin roadkill/harvest food!


Pets and Publishers


Such a sweet and touching zine. Makes me think about how much I love my own pets. A good read for any animal lover/pet lover.


Weeds and What They Tell


Dry at some points, but very interesting and informative.


How Mountains Die


Very explanatory and simple. Sad, though! But the basics of mountaintop removal for those who have no idea what it is about.


Reclaim Rewild


Inspirational. Glad to know others share my perceptions that civilization and technology alienate us from ourselves and each other.


Besides the Animals


Very informative, reasons to feel good about being vegan or go vegan if you're not.

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